Your translation regarding your appropriate concept of the term >’shubati’?

Your translation regarding your appropriate concept of the term >’shubati’?

>Seeking information about the real history of money resp. >a brief history out-of accounting, I discovered new interesting >babylonian phrase “shubati”, mentioned inside a publication away from >’The Banking Legislation Journal’; What is currency? of the A great. Mitchell >Innes 1913 (*) . Innes translated ‘shubati’ due to the fact “received” >It appears, that expression ‘shubati’ appeared that often >into babylonian clay tablets, put because info out of economic >deals. > >I’d be sure to ask you to answer: Can you tell me Your own viewpoint >resp.

This Sumerian title try well-understood. There is the latest verb in question in my Sumerian Lexicon from the material terms and conditions point below shu. ti, ‘to receive’. shu form ‘hand’ and you can ti mode ‘to approach’, therefore, the substance function ‘to receive’.

Which is an enthusiastic Akkadian word. Look-in new Sumerian Lexicon under danna on DAN part. beru is the Akkadian equivalent, translated ‘double-hour; league’. Never ever ‘day’ or ‘double-day’.

> Many thanks for your own instructional reply. My matter pertains to >Dilmun’s area. Specific details you yes discover affirm you to definitely Dilmun >was “30 beru away” off Mesopotamia itself. I have found things about >believing that Dilmun is found in the Eastern Indies, given that Dr. Kalyanaraman >argues in a few outline in his Sarasvati web site.

I experienced responded, “I understand out of no need to question the conventional Sumerological identity from Dilmun given that isle out of Bahrain. Continua a leggere