I primarily desired to end up being clear into other website subscribers out of the newest FAQ parts

I primarily desired to end up being clear into other website subscribers out of the newest FAQ parts

Thank you, Oksana

RE: Your books Hehe, you are right Steven, you wouldn’t advise me to buy the cleaning fish, was another folk, hehe, sorry for the bafflement. I will looking for the shrimp. the last one, (disclaimer: the last this day, this time, no promises for no question in the near future) Where can I buy the Anthony’s book? and how much it will cost me? Carlos

Re: Vacuum cleaner Wrasse Many thanks Steven for the advice. Some tips about what we are all here to own. I really wound up bringing a couple of peppermints throughout the six weeks ago (getting Aiptasia they worked, many thanks ), kid will they be naturally non-hungry pets. Perhaps there is a thin possibility which they eat some thing other than just parasitic organisms. And from now on, a bunch of concern(s), delight forgive me. My shrimps were very amicable up until We produced two much more seafood with the tank. I’ve an effective 55g that have 60lb LR, step three anemones: LTA, Condy and you can Heteractis C, 2 ocellaris clowns, Flames Goby (Magnifica) and you may Green Polyps and additionally a team (20-25) snails, 2 hermits (bluish leg I think). The latest fish was Coral Beauty and you may Diamond hoe werkt the adult hub goby.

Are my shrimp scared permanently or this is a temporarily response (they are constantly hiding now, but still eat, when I hand-pick stuff for them)? Can I get more of the Lysmatas, say L. It does seem like all the caves are occupied by anemones and gobbles, so I don’t want to freak the peppermints out. Now all but inverts and polyps are in the 20g Q tank with CoperSafe floating about. My coral beauty in addition to Ick has also a white spot (looks like a split eye brow cut) above her right eye and her blue tail has a black patch with some white spot at the edge. I assume this is HLLE

Salinity try a measure of the fresh sodium stuff indicated as an ingredient for each many (ppt. Specific-gravity is an evaluation of occurrence of try so you can a set reference. New Q container (20g) has actually Cooper Secure added to water. Each other tanks features an excellent Seaclone skimmer, BioWeels 170 (20g) and 330 (55g), powerheads. I was relying on alga from the container, but I do believe I must change you to definitely with the addition of vegetarian number into eating. Various other pointers in terms of vegetables? I truly should get away more often.

We offer every (polyps and you will anemones incl) suspended shrimp defrosted within the selcon, sliced shrimp/squid/scallops/specific white fish and you can existence fish from time to time score flakes/pallets

Cleaner Wrasse Question Hi Bob, You should be proud of me. I’m reading. and thus have a question. Is it true that cleaner wrasse will not survive in a captive system with no parasites present? Is there any way to save these hard-working creatures after they have saved the rest of the tank inhabitants? Thanks, Oksana